What is REALM?

REALM explores psychology, philosophy, literature & religion aimed towards virtue. Better people make better societies; our goal is to help individuals live truthfully.

Who runs REALM?

Hi, I’m Rahul. I run this platform as a one-person project with the help of my friends and some magnanimous writers who contribute pieces or allow me to republish a selected few from their personal blogs. 

How can you help?

At the moment, the greatest help would be to share the essays you find interesting (and beautiful) online.

However, if you would consider a financial contribution, you can do so through our Bitcoin address: 3N8M23cDziWMaUGL3byuhpiRU1VsNyWwt3

How can you write for us?

Send me an email at rahulsamaranayake@yahoo.com or direct message me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/trsam97